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The Ambassador – CD


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The Ambassador Mix Tape is the first solo project from POETIK.  It was recorded with Dj Manny at 18 Bowden Street Parramatta, Sydney Australia, in 2013.  It was the arrival not only of POETIK on the scene as a solo artist, but also his arrival in to Australia from Samoa.  This is where his music began to build and link globally with other musicians and music fans, a significant turn from his earlier days in the jungles of the 685. 

The Ambassador suggests to the listener that we are all an Ambassador in our own, whether it be our Country or our ethnicity and culture, or it be our communities and villages that we were raised in.  The flow is raw, with an array of brilliant guest appearances over the production of Dj Manny, this indeed has become a collectors item.  


  1. Intro (Troublesome)
  2. For Love Not Money (Feat. Storme & Marlei Music)
  3. Don’t Wanna Waste Your Time (Feat. Marlei Music)
  4. The Come Up
  5. Worth More (Feat. Phili & The Uso KD)
  6. This And That (Feat. Rix Ghatto)
  7. Interlude (Daz)
  8. Summertime (Feat. Aye Blocc & Isidora
  9. Life And Hip-Hop (Feat. Storme, ODC & Dj Moto)
  10. Just The Way You Are
  11. Polynesian Girls (Feat. Marlei Music & Jverbs)
  12. Rain, Hail Or Shine (Feat Ratstar)
  13. Stand Together (Feat. Uptown Swuite)
  14. Interlude (Ego Crushin)
  15. Hustle And Breath
  16. Get Your Mind Right
  17. South Side
  18. My Life
  19. Swing Low (Feat. Aye Blocc & Uptown Swuite)
  20. Those Days